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White Tara Mirror For Pacifying Illness And Anger

White Tara Mirror For Pacifying Illness And Anger

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White Tara pacifies severe anger and illness. She protects you from dangers brought by ingesting poisons. She brings out your peaceful nature and causes others to feel calm and happy when you are present. Use this mirror to enhance healing activities and calm down those who are filled with anger and resentment. You can also use it to reduce depression and sad emotions after feeling lost. Before using the mirror activate it by chanting White Tara's mantra 7 times and blowing onto the mirror. Imagine white light emanating from the mirror cleansing and removing negative vibrations from the person or situation.


You can use this mirror in all the following ways to invoke the healing and calming energies of Tara:

  • If you are feeling ill, depressed, demotivated, or sickly, run the mirror over your body, from the crown down to your toes.
  • If you are feeling angry, worried, or unhappy, run the mirror over your body, starting from the crown, down to your knees, and back up to your heart. Hold it there while chanting White Tara's mantra.
  • If someone you know is furious at you, shine the mirror onto that person's photograph. This will reduce their anger and help mend your friendship with the person.
  • If someone you know is very sick, shine the mirror onto their photograph as you chant White Tara's mantra. Imagine bright white light cleansing their bodies of viruses, cancers, and tumors.







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