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6821 - Traditional Wealth Lock Coin

6821 - Traditional Wealth Lock Coin

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To safeguard your wealth

This Wealth Lock Coin keeps one’s wealth and assets safe. During times of economic volatility, when one is afflicted by the loss stars in one’s chart, or during times of significant energy shifts, as we will experience as we transition over from Period 8 to Period 9, it becomes imperative to preserve what one has. 

This lock coin features the powerful Dakini Amulet to safeguard one’s wealth and assets. At the same time, the other side includes the auspicious Chinese calligraphy “Ji Yu Pui Jin (積玉堆金)” (Accumulation of Jade and Gold) and “Jin Yi Liang (金壹両)” (Ounce of Gold). Clip this Wealth Lock Coin onto your bag to keep your wealth and assets safe!

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