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Three Harmony Animals (3 Pieces/Set)

Three Harmony Animals (3 Pieces/Set)

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To protect against quarrels, conflict, and lawsuits

The Three Harmony Animals consist of the 8-legged Lion, the Fur-Bearing Fish, and the Makara Dragon. Rooted in Buddhism, this symbolism is formed by the coming together of 3 mythical creatures from different heritages. When shown together in unity, they represent the quelling of quarrels, the pacification of tempers, and victory over conflict. 

The 8-Legged Lion brings harmonious relationships.
The Fur-Bearing Fish brings calmness and composure.
The Makara Dragon protects against anger. 

In 2024, the dominant star is Quarrelsome #3, which taints the energies of the year with squabbles, disputes, and misunderstandings of all kinds. At its worst, the #3 star can cause bitter and protracted lawsuits, even manifesting in physical violence and crime. 

The Three Harmony Animals make a powerful cure for the affliction of quarrels, conflict, fighting, or misunderstandings of any kind. 

Display in the CENTER of the home in 2024.

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