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Three Friends of Winter with Deers

Three Friends of Winter with Deers

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For perseverance in the face of adversity

In Chinese culture, the pine, bamboo, and plum blossom are known as the Three Friends of Winter for their resilient qualities and ability to thrive in harsh winter conditions. As an evergreen that can live for centuries, the pine is prized for its fortitude and longevity. The hardy bamboo, also an evergreen, is revered for its strength and tenacious growth in marginal lands. Its flexible stalks that yield to the wind are associated with being adaptable under challenging situations. The plum blossom, being the first flower to bloom in spring, represents the beginnings of a good period and of successfully overcoming all hardships. When depicted together, they symbolize one flourishing in the face of adversity.

Displaying this gorgeous rendition of the Three Friends in Winter attracts the kind of good fortune that gives you the grit to keep pushing forward, the agility to move with the changes, and that ensures you come out of unpredictable landscapes favorably. It also features a pair of deers, which represents living to a ripe old age as it is the only animal capable of finding the lingzhi fungus of immortality. The word “Luk” also means good income and prosperity in Chinese.

With the Period of 9 just around the corner, we will be feeling the #9 Star’s effects more profoundly than ever. Cosmic energies are in a state of flux, suggesting that significant changes are in store and, with that, great opportunities but also significant risks. In 2023, place this auspicious enhancer in the North where the #9 Star of Future Prosperity lands to capture the best of what the year has to offer no matter the challenges!  It will be Southwest in 2024

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