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For immeasurable blessings & to get your timing right

The Sky Animals hail from the Lunar Constellations, ruling over the construct of time, and are believed to bestow the luck of good timing. Each sky animal has its symbolism and features, but all share the characteristic of conferring the luck of timing. As we know, with most things, timing is everything. Thus, inviting symbolism of the sky animals into one’s living space is always auspicious. [This year, we introduce another four sky animals:]

brings healing energies & positive outcomes

The Sky Unicorn is the first animal of the Black Tortoise Constellation, bringing a positive outcome to anything you do. It attracts magic and enchantment into your life and symbolizes positivity, hope, freedom, and joy. With potent curative powers, the sky unicorn helps cure you of whatever you suffer – mental or physical. It is an excellent luck activator for anyone looking to change direction, change profession, or excel in something new they are not yet familiar with. It gives one the strength and optimism to overcome any challenge and is one of the best antidotes to low levels of Spirit Essence.

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