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Sky Porcupine

Sky Porcupine

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Auspicious Sky Animals 
to awaken the power of the Lunar Mansions 

The Sky Animals belong to the pantheon of Lunar Mansions, ruled by the Four Constellations and believed to control the timing of events and occurrences from the skies above. The 4 Constellations consist of the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Crimson Phoenix, the same that form the basis of Landscape Feng Shui concerned with earthly matters on the ground. Their sky counterparts rule everything concerning timing and destiny from the heavens above. 

Each animal from this heavenly troupe carries its own properties and meanings. 

There are 28 in all, and each day in the calendar is ruled by one of these 28 animals, after which the cycle repeats itself. Days ruled by certain of these sky animals are more auspicious for certain activities and less conducive for other activities. Their unique traits characterize each animal, and their presence in one’s living space brings good fortune luck of a particular kind, but especially, the luck of good timing. 

We have only just started to tap this group of excellent good fortune symbols, making a few sky animals each year, guided in our choice by the luck blueprint determined by the various luck charts of the year and their interactions with each other. 

This year, we introduce four more of the Sky Animals: the Sky Porcupine, Sky Raven, Sky Dog, and Sky Rabbit. 

brings protection luck 

The Sky Porcupine is the 7th animal of the Black Tortoise Constellation and symbolizes profits and success. On days ruled by the Sky Porcupine, important activities conducted bring many rewards. Business deals finalized on Sky Porcupine days bring big bonanzas, making this a good day to plan for official signing ceremonies. 

Having the image of the Sky Porcupine in one’s living space awakens all of its intrinsic properties, which brings benefits to business and commercial ventures, and also success and happiness within the home, with a happy marriage and children who bring great honor to the family. 

The porcupine across many cultures, symbolizes protection and defense, and its quills are believed to bring good luck. Among Native Americans, the porcupine is a popular spirit animal said to be a shield against bad energy, with strong links back to one’s ancestry. In Africa, porcupine quills are often used as lucky ornaments. 

The meaning is similar in Feng Shui, where the Sky Porcupine, which appears as one of the 28 Sky Animals, is believed to bring good luck in business and commerce, harmony, and great honor to one’s family and legacy. 

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