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Red Tara Home Protection Amulet Gau

Red Tara Home Protection Amulet Gau

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This Red Tara Gau features exquisite Red Tara in the center, surrounded with brilliant red gemstone crystals that invoke the power of Red Tara. It also features the implements of Kurukulle, one of the emanations of Red Tara, who has the power to help those who wish to enhance their luck in love and their relationships with friends and colleagues or associates at work.

Kurukulle's bow and arrow made of flowers invoke the power of magnetism, increasing one's charisma and appeal. Her hook and noose of flowers boost the strength and intimacy of friendships and interactions, allowing you to build lasting rapport and loyalty, the kind that transcends mere commercial dealings or shifting allegiances.

Having this Red Tara Gau in your home enhances your living space, nurturing the development of unshakeable bonds between family members as well as with your friendships with others.

You can also travel with this amulet. Let its invisible rays of sacred red light infuse all your interactions with its own kind of magic. Having this Tara Gau with you will ensure you always strike off on the right foot with new people you meet; in business meetings, it will encourage proceedings to unfurl to your advantage, and in your personal life, it will ensure your friendship bonds stay strong and steadfast.

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