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Red Pi Xie Wealth Carpet - 31" x 48" (M)

Red Pi Xie Wealth Carpet - 31" x 48" (M)

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The Pi Xie is a celestial creature closely associated with the Tai Sui well known for its ability to attract wealth but also to protect the household. Additionally, this carpet features the longevity symbol and mystic knot for good health and everlasting happiness.

The carpet comes in a lively bright red, representing Fire element energy, the element that signifies wealth. Fire element energy is the best cure for the #3 Quarrelsome Star. If relationships are strained between family members, or if you find yourself fighting with people more regularly for no reason, look for where the monthly #3 star has flown and place this red carpet in that sector. You will feel things instantly improving!

In 2023, place in the Southeast, where the #3 Star has flown to.

In 2024, place it the center of the house

*Can also be used to remedy the monthly #3 Star wherever it flies to.

The carpet will be folded and you may find creases on the carpet when you receive it. Over time and within normal use on the floor, the carpet creases should come out naturally.

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