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6790 - Red Phoenix Wealth Wallet

6790 - Red Phoenix Wealth Wallet

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With wealth-enhancing mantra

2024 marks the year when the world changes from Period 8 to Period 9. Period 9 is a Fire Period, which brings fame, fortune, transformation, new opportunities, and new wealth. It is also the Period of the Phoenix. This year’s wealth wallet features a resplendent soaring phoenix, the perfect other half to the year’s Dragon.

Each year, it is an excellent ritual to get yourself a new wallet, transfer some “old money” from your previous wallet, and add some “new money” to symbolize your wealth growing.

Inside this wallet is a hidden wealth mantra. It also includes a side zipper to keep a credit card, receipts, ID, or coins. Its flat shape fits all currencies, making it an ideal travel wallet. Its flatness keeps it non-bulky, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag.  

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