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6809 - Padlock Of Love

6809 - Padlock Of Love

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For locking in good fortune

Padlocks are fabulous symbols of “locking in” what you have. They are universal symbols of commitment, strength, and constancy. As we move into a new Period, from Period 8 to Period 9, when there is such a massive shift in energies, the greatest danger is that one can lose what one already has and has amassed over the years. And so, an essential part of safeguarding one’s luck is preserving what is yours. Thus, We have designed three padlocks to symbolically “lock in” the three most important possessions – one’s relationships, wealth, and happiness. 

The Padlock of Love features a pair of mandarin ducks and the Chinese talisman for love and marriage. 

Clip these auspicious amulets onto your bag or use them as a keychain to signify keeping safe your most important possessions

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