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6613 - Nine Dragons Plaque in Royal Blue

6613 - Nine Dragons Plaque in Royal Blue

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For new and long-lasting wealth

2024 marks the start of the new Period of 9. That this new period begins in a Dragon Year is a most auspicious indication. Usher in long-lasting good fortune with this plaque featuring 9 Dragons, to harness the incredible power of 9. Set against a royal blue color to symbolize Water energy to balance the Fire of the new period. Water is also the element that is missing from the 2024 chart, as well as the element that symbolizes wealth this year.

Place in the Southwest to activate the #9 star here, which is new Star of Current Prosperity and the star of magnified good fortune.

Having the presence of 9 Celestial Dragons infuses one with the capacity to pursue all of one’s grandest ambitions with courage and conviction. It aids in staying focused on long-term goals without getting distracted or discouraged by short-term obstacles. It protects against the negativity of rivals and the off-putting effects of less ambitious relatives or acquaintances that may not have the same vision.

The nine dragons will help to boost the Number 9 Star for happiness and success.

Display in the Northeast of the home and office to invoke the support of not one but 9 Dragons, the number that symbolizes completion and abundance. The number 9 is a magical number as it is the number that always reduces back to itself when it is multiplied. It also strengthens the #9 star, which is getting stronger as we rapidly move towards Period of 9.

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