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Mega Wu Lou with 8 Joyous Cranes - 12 Inches Height

Mega Wu Lou with 8 Joyous Cranes - 12 Inches Height

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For health and longevity of good fortune. 

This Golden Wu Lou made in extra large size is perfect for the main living area of the home and features 8 Joyous Cranes.

In Chinese legend, the Wu Lou, also known as the Gourd of Immortality, is always carried by the God of Longevity Sau as an elixir for good health. Chinese wisdom maintains that there is no wealth without health, and when one's physical and mental disposition is strong, one can achieve anything and enjoy everything life offers.

Cranes are the kings of all feathered creatures on Earth. Next to the Phoenix, they are the most favored among all bird symbols of good fortune. They represent smoothness of flight, longevity of life, fulfillment, and happiness. Their presence in the home is believed to attract good fortune luck and to promote harmony among family members.

You can display this large-sized Wu Lou in the main area of your home where you can view it daily for health, wealth, and happiness for all the family.

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