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Mansion Of Wealth Dzambhala

Mansion Of Wealth Dzambhala

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Invite this beautiful Dzambala Mansion into your home. This mansion of White Dzambhala with 4 Offering Goddesses brings fantastic luck, with its presence sowing the seeds for wealth to take root and manifest. White Dzambhala, with his Azure Dragon, increases your income steam and advances your job prospects. Every home should invite this Celestial Mandala of Wealth Buddhas into the home, which brings auspicious forces that generate abundance, happiness, and good fortune.

Place on a cabinet in your dining room or in the living area, and if you like, you can also offer bowls of water, a red candle, or some flowers as a mark of respect and also an acknowledgment to the Dzambhala within.

Inviting the Dzambhala Mansion into your home transforms your home into an abode of the Gods.  Except these are wealth gods. It will generate prosperity luck for the household and make you into a very generous person indeed!

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