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Manjushri "GAU" Scholastic Success Amulet

Manjushri "GAU" Scholastic Success Amulet

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The best way to activate the educational star is to carry Manjushri Gau. Manjushri is the Buddha of Wisdom, and when you call on his help, he slices through your ignorance so only wisdom remains. His flaming sword removes all that is obscured in your mind, allowing you to think with a crystal-clear head so you can map out practical solutions to everything you are pursuing. For students taking exams, having Manjushri's support enables you to recall everything you have revised and studied and to write and convey excellent and convincing answers in your exam.

Manjushri boosts everything to do with wisdom and intelligence and helps you to make wise choices. He ensures you constantly see the big picture, while also filling in all the details.

For school-going children they can also clip the Manjushri Portable Amulet onto their schoolbag. This Scholastic Amulet with Manjushri's mantra sums up all of his wisdom and blessings, providing an endless stream of support, reinforcement and inspiration.

As parents, we need to imbue in our children not just the impetus to keep striving for the top but help them understand that there will be bumps and disappointments along the way. It is not necessary to perform every single day of the year to come out top in every single test; what is important is to peak when it counts, to perform when it matters.

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