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Luminious Vase (Green)

Luminious Vase (Green)

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Everyone benefits from displaying unique bespoke vases that attract wealth luck. The VASE is a universally acknowledged container of all things bright and beautiful. The vase symbolizes many good things. The symbolic Feng Shui meaning is “fullness and abundance,” and when it is “luminous,” the vase signifies long life, good living, and continuous good fortune. Big or small vases are always viewed as containers that receive good fortune for their surroundings.

In Buddhism, the vase is associated with the GODDESS TARA, who is always visualized as carrying a vase in her right hand - to symbolize giving blessing nectar to those who pray to her. This light yellow vase is the LUMINOUS VASE. It is painted with a pair of beautiful cranes, signifying long life. The peonies attract big romance and the good life.

Display anywhere in the living room.

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