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6869 - HoTu Enhancing Mirror (V24)

6869 - HoTu Enhancing Mirror (V24)

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For 4 kinds of good fortune

This Ho Tu Enhancing Mirror, with a magical Ho Tu Square on one side and a brass mirror and wish-granting mantra on the other, activates the special luck of the Ho Tu. With a pair of Chi Lin, the Ho Tu attracts four kinds of fortune into one’s life. It brings intelligence, asset wealth, leadership, and commercial success.

The 1/6 Ho Tu brings INTELLIGENCE.
The 2/7 Ho Tu causes your ASSET WEALTH to grow.
The 3/8 Ho Tu brings LEADERSHIP LUCK to those in positions of power.
The 4/9 Ho Tu brings SUCCESS to those pursuing commercial ventures.

Place wherever the Ho Tu combination appears. 

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