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Great Increasing Wealth Bowl

Great Increasing Wealth Bowl

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For longevity of wealth & good fortune

This auspicious golden wealth bowl features a pair of deer, a great symbol of longevity, endurance, and the capability to identify future dangers. The word for deer, pronounced “LU” in Mandarin, also sounds like the word “income”, so when both characteristics are combined, it carries the meaning “longevity of affluence”, meaning long-lasting great wealth.

This wealth bowl also features the Sun & Moon symbol to signify powerful energy and the luck of completion. 

Included with this product are 9 coins and 9 mini ingots, to be placed within the bowl. As the year progresses, you can continue filling the bowl with coins, cash and other precious gemstones and artifacts you collect along the way, to signify a growth of wealth and abundance. Place this bowl in the SW where the #9 has flown, or the North which plays host to the #8 Prosperity Star of the year. 

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