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Frolicking Green Dragon Vase

Frolicking Green Dragon Vase

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The placement of beautifully designed Vases has been a vital aspect of Chinese Placement Feng Shui since ancient times. This beautiful Green Vase features the happy frolicking GREEN DRAGON, which brings robust yang vitality and growth chi into any living space, generating powerful success energy. Display this vase in your living room, on your side cabinet, or on your main coffee table to create a growth chi that brings abundance into the home. Place this vase with other vases in this collection to generate a continuous accumulation of asset wealth.

The VASE is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, and every home benefits from the placement of a collection of vases. These are beautiful reminders to think abundance at all times and thus accumulate good fortune for every member of the family.

The FROLICKING GREEN DRAGON on this vase brings POWERFUL GROWTH LUCK, symbolizing ASSET WEALTH. It brings the energy that signifies your BUSINESS WILL EXPAND, and your Sales will grow, and your network of associates and clientele will increase. This and other vases in the collection make excellent, auspicious gifts to yourself or to relatives and friends to wish them great good fortune.

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