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Dragon In Forest Of Wealth With Stand

Dragon In Forest Of Wealth With Stand

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For wealth & asset growth

Each year, we design a new wealth tree, and the elements incorporated are guided by the energies indicated by the most important feng shui charts and formulas. 2024 is a landmark year as this marks the year when we change period, from Period 8 to Period 9. This is also the Year of the Wood Dragon, a creature that embodies springtime energies, which is highly auspicious.

This year’s wealth tree features a magnificent Yang Wood Dragon to embody the year's spirit, lazing in the shade of a magnificent forest of trees. Invite this magnificent feng shui activator with Dragon into your home or office before the start of 2024 to attract abundant growth luck into your living space, expand your asset wealth, and manifest new opportunities and increased profits for your business. 

For 2024, display in the North, where the #8 Wealth Star has flown.
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