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6757 - Cash Flow Camel Amulet

6757 - Cash Flow Camel Amulet

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For wealth & business luck

The camel is the most critical symbol for anyone in business and for maintaining a healthy cash flow. Camels are well-known for their durability, with the ability to cross the harshest and driest of deserts for sustained periods, storing precious water in their humps. They are thus a great favorite amongst entrepreneurs and business people. 

In 2024, an unbalanced year with NO water in the year’s chart, displaying a camel in one’s living space becomes imperative, as the camel can hold on to water. 

This fine-looking camel dressed in regalia and jewels symbolizes wealth, abundance, sustenance, a healthy cash flow, and a safeguard against money problems. 

Carry this amulet to counter the #7 loss star & activate the #8 wealth star.  The person born in the Horse and Rat should carry this lucky amulet.

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