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Butterfly Ring With Om Ah Hum Mantra

Butterfly Ring With Om Ah Hum Mantra

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The butterfly is a wonderful metaphor for transformation, opportunity, and rebirth. It is a symbol of encouragement to embrace obstacles that come with change, to shed old habits holding you back, and to learn from the past and evolve. Wearing the butterfly also makes people think of you in a lovely way and creates an aura of attractiveness around you.

Wear to smoother personal growth transitions and attract fabulous new opportunities into your life.

It comes engraved with the mantra Om Ah Hum, bringing blessings that further enhance its power.

This stunning butterfly ring is made from silver, plated with 18K white gold, and set with 138 pieces of zirconia AAA grade Zirconia. It can be detached from the ring and worn as a brooch. The ring size is adjustable.

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