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Bejewelled Vasudhara - The Goddess Of Abundance

Bejewelled Vasudhara - The Goddess Of Abundance

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Our latest bejeweled collection features Vasudhara, the powerful orange-red Tara of abundance! Invite her into your home and give her a special place in the Center location of your home.

This beautiful Vasudhara is the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance! Her name means "Stream of Gems" and is depicted with three faces, six arms, and a beautiful golden orange body. Vasudhara brings abundant material and spiritual wealth and helps you develop a generous nature.

According to Tibetan legend, a layman named Sucandra asked Buddha Shakyamuni for a method to gain great amounts of gold, silver, and wealth so that he could help others. Buddha Shakyamuni offered him Vasudhara's mantra and scriptures. Vasudhara's right-hand shows the mudra of charity, three precious jewels, and the mudra of salutation. Her left-hand holds the Book of Wisdom and a sheaf of corn to symbolize good harvests.

Invite Vasudhara into your home, offer her flowers and water, and recite her mantra daily to invite wealth and abundance into your life. Her mantra is: OM SHRI VASUDHARA RATNA NIDHANA KASHETRI SOHA. This gorgeous statue is made from metal and enamel and decorated with crystal jewels. The base opens up so that you may place special mantras and jewels inside.

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