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6818 - Abundance Wu Lou Amulet

6818 - Abundance Wu Lou Amulet

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For good health & a complete life

This magnificent Abundance Wu Lou has been decorated with the magical implements of the 8 Immortals to symbolize eight kinds of goodness entering your life. 

The implements are the sword for strength, the lotus flower for virtue, the flute for harmony, the flower basket for beauty, the fan for protection, castanets for power, the long bamboo “fish drum” for longevity, and the Wu Lou for good health. 

In 2024, the Illness Star #2 has flown to the Southeast. But the #2 star in Period 9 also brings wealth when activated. 

This Wu Lou brings longevity, good health, and a complete life blessed with abundant happiness and good fortune.   

Dragon and Snake zodiac MUST carry this amulet for protection.

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