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9923 - Brass Dragon Holding A Pearl - 14 Inches Length

9923 - Brass Dragon Holding A Pearl - 14 Inches Length

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The perfect activator for the #6 Heavenly Star, as the celestial Dragon represents all the best energies from the heavens above. Auspicious Chinese Dragon images are always depicted with a pearl in its claws, signifying the attainment of success and of achieving one’s goals.

Everyone needs this type of luck; you will need good leadership qualities for business processes to flow smoothly. In new businesses, it represents the ability to motivate your employees to be productive and effective, making maintaining a healthy profit margin easy.

There is no better Feng Shui symbol of good fortune to awaken heaven luck in 2023 than this resplendent Rising Golden Dragon holding a pearl. Place in the West part of the home. You can put this Dragon at the Northeast in 2024.

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