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6408 - Peach Blossom Treasure Boxes - Rabbit

6408 - Peach Blossom Treasure Boxes - Rabbit

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For those looking for love or wanting to get married, there is nothing more effective or fast-acting than activating one’s Peach Blossom luck. Your Peach Blossom animal depends on which animal sign you are born under, and each of the trinity of astrology allies shares one Peach Blossom Animal.

  If you are a Tiger, Horse or Dog, your Peach Blossom Animal is the RABBIT.  You can put it at the center of the house in 2023 and Northwest in 2024 to capture the luck from the Number 4 Romance Star.

Peach Blossom animals work best when depicted with the Peach Blossom flower, and these ones in particular, come standing on treasure boxes for you to insert your wishes written down. You can also fill these treasure boxes with rings, jewelry, gemstones, or anything else with auspicious connotations for you.

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