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6407 - 3 Sheep on a Mountain “San Yang Kai Tai”三羊啟泰

6407 - 3 Sheep on a Mountain “San Yang Kai Tai”三羊啟泰

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To unlock wealth potential

The best way to unlock wealth potential that is present but difficult to access is with the symbolism of 3 Sheep on a Mountain.

This was first developed during the Yongzheng reign through the Qianlong Period, when the saying “San Yang Kai Tai” 三羊啟泰 was popularized as a famous idiom, carrying the meaning of “Three Sheep on the Mountain Top” bringing new beginnings and great fortune.
When the season changes from winter into spring, the first appearance of 3 sheep implies the worst has passed and a hopeful future is about to come. The three sheep are symbolic of 3 generations, and their appearance on the mountaintop signifies unlocking the treasures within.

This symbolism has become extremely popular in Chinese culture through the years, believed to bring big wealth, great success, harmonious relations, respectful children, and good health for all three generations of family generations. It represents an unlocking of new wealth and a dawn of a very bright future.

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