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6398 - Nine Rank Badge Plaque in Royal Blue & Gold

6398 - Nine Rank Badge Plaque in Royal Blue & Gold

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For all-inclusive good fortune

This Nine Rank Badge in royal blue and gold harnesses the symbolic luck of 9 auspicious birds that, when displayed together, manifest all the positive attributes of the #9 Star, a star number whose power cannot be underestimated. As we get closer to the Period of 9, its auspiciousness can be said to rival, if not overtake, that of the reigning #8 Star!

Activating the #9 attracts all kinds of good fortune luck into your life and ensures a smooth transition from Period 8 to Period 9.

The 9 auspicious birds include the Crane for longevity and wisdom, the Golden Pheasant for power and authority, the Peacock for beauty and dignity, the Wild Goose for prosperity and abundance, the Silver Pheasant for good luck and fortune, the Lesser Egret for strength and patience, the Mandarin Duck for everlasting love and harmony, the Quail for courage and loyalty, and the Paradise Flycatcher for good wishes and happiness!

Place in the North in 2023 and Southwest in 2024.

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