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6316 - Shakyamuni Mini Plaque For Health, Wisdom & Good Fortune

6316 - Shakyamuni Mini Plaque For Health, Wisdom & Good Fortune

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Powerful Deities Mini Plaques
for Health, Wisdom, and Good Fortune

This trio of mini plaques features 3 of the most popular of Buddhist Deities. When displayed in the home, they bring powerful blessings to the entire family. Medicine Buddha protects one’s health, warding off illness energies. Manjushri, the Wisdom Buddha, helps one to make all the right decisions. Shakyamuni, the Buddha of Enlightenment, blocks off all causes of suffering, eliminates obstacles, and brings one closer to enlightenment.

Display these very blessed and auspicious plaques to ensure positive energies are constantly being created in one’s living space. An excellent addition to any home.

The plaques come with each Buddha’s mantra engraved on the back (in Tibetan as well as in English phonetics), to make it easy to learn their mantras because there is nothing more auspicious or that invokes their power better than chanting their mantras.

You can also get yourself dedicated malas (prayer rosaries) to count your mantras as you chant. Wearing mala beads, especially if you have activated them by chanting over them regularly, is considered highly auspicious.

To eliminate obstacles to success and happiness

Shakyamuni is the Buddha of Enlightenment. Inviting his image into the home brings immense blessings to everyone who glances upon his image. He dissolves all obstacles in one’s life, helping one to achieve one’s aims more quickly, and takes away the stress and anxiety of daily living. The perfect Buddha for anyone needing more spiritualism and spiritual help in their life.

This plaque is engraved with Shakyamuni Buddha’s mantra, in Tibetan and also in English phonetics, for you to easily learn up his mantra. Place on your desk, on a side table, or anywhere in the home or office.

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