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6310 - Ksitigarbha Buddha Of Protection Mini Plaque

6310 - Ksitigarbha Buddha Of Protection Mini Plaque

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For protection against harm of all kinds

Ksitigarbha is a Buddha of Protection, considered a fully enlightened being with the ability to manifest himself according to the needs of the people. He protects against natural disasters, against being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and safeguards against becoming a victim of chance or circumstance. Having his image nearby creates an aura of protection for all who live within the household. Place anywhere in the home or in the sector where the Natural Disaster Star has flown to.

2023 the Natural Disaster Star will appear in the West and the South in 2024. He will help to control the Number 3 Argument Star at the Southeast in 2023 and the center of the house in 2024.

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