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6299 - Rising Golden Dragon Holding A Pearl

6299 - Rising Golden Dragon Holding A Pearl

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The perfect activator for the #6 Heavenly Star, as the celestial Dragon represents all the best energies from the heavens above. Auspicious Chinese Dragon images are always depicted with a pearl in its claws, signifying the attainment of success and of achieving one’s goals.

In 2023, the color yellow is auspicious as it is the color of the missing element of Earth, which represents recognition, power, and authority. Everyone needs this type of luck; you will need good leadership qualities for business processes to flow smoothly. In new businesses, it represents the ability to motivate your employees to be productive and effective, making maintaining a healthy profit margin easy.

There is no better feng shui symbol of good fortune to awaken heaven luck in 2023 than this resplendent Rising Golden Dragon holding a pearl. Place in the West part of the home.

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