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6244 - Pak Choy For Wealth

6244 - Pak Choy For Wealth

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For wealth & continuous growth

The Pak Choy sounds phonetically similar to “fatt choy,” which means everlasting growth and prosperity. To the Chinese, having an image of “Pak Choy” in the home always means money and good fortune continuously rolling in. When pronounced “Pak Choy,” it sounds like the Chinese saying, “100 types of wealth luck”. Its succulent and crisp green leaves meanwhile symbolize growth and are also the color of a good harvest. Display anywhere in the home or office to symbolize having many sources of wealth, with that wealth continuously growing over time.

An excellent luck energizer to bring into the home when the ruling central star is the #4 Wood Star and the Northwest in 2024, a star number representing growth, progress, and development, good relationships, and the birth of fruitful alliances. 

Place in the center of the home to maximize wealth and growth luck for the year.

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