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6241 - Happy Marriage Comb

6241 - Happy Marriage Comb

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To protect against infidelity

This Happy Marriage Comb features the celestial Dragon and Phoenix, which symbolize the epitome of a harmonious and successful marriage, where neither dominates. The symbolism represents a patriarchal and matriarchal couple, who, if they have children, also represent filial offspring who bring a good name to the family. With this comb in the home, it becomes impossible for troublesome third parties or outside influences to come between husband and wife.

There is no symbolism more robust to ensure the success of a married couple than the Dragon and Phoenix together, which also represent the ultimate Yin and Yang energy.

This comb comes with the Chinese idiom “Pak Tau Tou Lou” (白頭到老), which translates to “Happy couple will be together till their hair turns white.” It makes a beautiful wedding gift to offer to any newly married couple, and all homes who consider marriage and family important should have this comb.

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