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6098 - Happy Buddha in Royal Purple

6098 - Happy Buddha in Royal Purple

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For wealth and happiness

The Happy Buddha, also known as the Laughing Buddha, is the Buddha of Wealth and the Buddha of Happiness. He is one of the most beloved Buddha images, and his laughing form is seen in Chinese homes, offices, and restaurants worldwide. His image is believed to bring prosperity luck, and here, he is dressed in royal purple robes with silver accents, as “Ngan Chee” the words for “Silver and Purple” together, also sounds like the word for “Money”.

The Laughing Buddha is always depicted carrying a big bag,. Those who think of him as a Buddha of Wealth assume the bag carries money and treasures. Those who think of him as the Buddha of Happiness believe that he scoops up all the world's unhappiness, problems, and worries and stuffs them into his big bag.

Place this Laughing Buddha in the living room, on your desk, or somewhere where you can see him daily. It is believed that to enjoy his blessings, you should rub his big belly daily. And the bigger the belly, the more auspicious!

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