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6096 - Healing Herbs & Longevity Wu Lou

6096 - Healing Herbs & Longevity Wu Lou

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The Wu Lou is the ultimate symbol of good health and longevity. A powerful tool of Taoist magic, it is considered a receptacle of the holy nectar of many Buddhist Deities. The Wu Lou is featured in many old paintings of both Buddhist and Taoist traditions and is associated with the God of Longevity, who carries it on a magical staff. This bottle gourd is said to contain the elixir of immortality, hence its huge popularity as a symbol of long life.

Over the ages, this symbol has often been depicted with other symbols of good fortune, as its distinct gourd shape is believed to be a representation of both heaven and earth. When shown with other auspicious symbols, its lucky meanings are said to be multiplied ten-thousand-fold.

Our latest Wu Lou features the mystic knot, a symbol of eternity, with flowers and herbs with medicinal benefits. The peaches and peonies bring longevity, happiness, and plenty of love and romance vibes.

Crafted by China’s most skilled artisans, this Wu Lou comes filled with powerful health mantras to enhance its efficacy as a health and happiness activator.

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