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5797 - Wu Lou With Joyous Crane (Green)

5797 - Wu Lou With Joyous Crane (Green)

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For Health, Wealth & Abundance

In Chinese legend, the Wu Lou is known as the Gourd of Immortality, carried by the God of Longevity Sau as an elixir for good health and longevity. Chinese wisdom always maintains that there is no wealth without health, and when one’s physical and mental disposition is strong, one can achieve anything and enjoy everything life offers! These beautiful Wu Lous come decorated with joyous Cranes, the Bird of Immortality.

We have designed beautiful renditions of the Wu Lou featuring cranes with the ginkgo leaf. Cranes symbolize the family matriarch and patriarch's long life and good health. It protects against broken marriages and generates harmony between all family members, thus ensuring the continuation of the family unit.

The Gingko Leaf, meanwhile, carries a wealth of meaning. Not only does it represent longevity, but it also symbolizes profound endurance. We suggest that all homes should safeguard their East sector in 2023 and Southeast sector in 2024 by displaying this cure here. 

GREEN brings GROWTH and new opportunities. Great for new projects and start-ups.

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