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4771 - Red and Gold Camel for Wealth

4771 - Red and Gold Camel for Wealth

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With Wealth-Bringing Pi Yao

The double-humped camel is an important symbol for anyone in business as it ensures you always maintain a healthy cash flow. A double-humped camel on your work desk ensures survival and longevity through good times and bad, allowing you to sustain difficulties with resilience and always emerge unscathed.

Camels are well-known for their natural persistence and durability. They can go for days and months with little sustenance; hence, they have always been a favorite with businessmen and entrepreneurs.

The red camel features the mystic knot, which carries the meaning of the infinity symbol tripled. To the Chinese, the 8 auspicious symbols on the camel bring never-ending success and fulfillment in all areas of life.

This elegant camel makes an excellent gift for any entrepreneur, business owner, or corporate person handling money. Place on the work desk to represent big profits and continued business growth and success.

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