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15769 - Sailing Dragon Wealth Ship

15769 - Sailing Dragon Wealth Ship

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A new “take” on the good luck Wealth Vessel; this ancient sailing ship used to be associated with treasures brought by the winds and waters back to port carrying treasures brought home by brave sailors who sailed around the world in search of new treasures. Thus, the sailing ship signifies treasure brought by the winds and waters for centuries.

When the British first came to the east and observed the Chinese, they saw that the sailing ship was a much-favored logo used by the Chinese for good luck. Thus, they adopted the sailing ship as the logo for the East India Company, which did so much business with the Far East.

These days, those who continue to use the power of Feng Shui placements continue to believe in the good fortune luck brought by the sailing ship. Place this symbolic ship sailing into your home getting a cargo of wealth into your household.

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