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15559 - Manjushri For Wisdom - 9 Inches Height

15559 - Manjushri For Wisdom - 9 Inches Height

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For wisdom and making all the right decisions

The Manjushri features 3 of the most popular Buddhist Deities. When displayed in the home, they bring powerful blessings to the entire family. Medicine Buddha protects one’s health, warding off illness energies. Manjushri, the Wisdom Buddha, helps one to make all the right decisions. Shakyamuni, the Buddha of Enlightenment, blocks off all causes of suffering, eliminates obstacles, and brings one closer to enlightenment.

You can also get yourself dedicated malas (prayer rosaries) to count your mantras as you chant. Wearing mala beads, especially if you have activated them by chanting over them regularly, is considered extremely auspicious.

Manjushri is the Buddha of Wisdom. Invoking his blessings helps one to make all the best choices and decisions. He bestows knowledge and understanding and hence is a hugely popular Deity among students and young people who need to pass examinations. This Buddha is also an excellent source of inspiration for those in a career, in business, or in politics, who need to make essential decisions that carry big consequences. Keep his image nearby to help you make decisions and act in a way most beneficial for you.

Manjushri is the protector Buddha for Rabbit zodiac.

Place the Buddha on your desk, on a side table, or in the sector with the #4 Wisdom Star at the center of the house in 2023 and Northwest in 2024.

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