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13509 - Seven Royal Emblems of Royalty - 6 3/4 Inches Height - Gold Color

13509 - Seven Royal Emblems of Royalty - 6 3/4 Inches Height - Gold Color

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The Seven Emblems of Royalty, also known as the Seven Precious Royals, are the Queen, the Minster, the General, the Magic Wheel, the Power Elephant, and the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel, and the Steed of Fortune.  If you want a life full of luxury and comfort, invite all the Seven Royal Emblems of the King.  Each image symbolizes what is needed by a monarch to rule his kingdom.  With kingship comes power, wealth, and the ability to control your circumstances.

Placing them on the altar or the front entrance of the house for blessing and protection will be best.

The Queen - She signifies abundance, descendants, fertility and family happiness. She is the matriarch and manages the household, ensuring that everything is under control.

The Minister - He represents strategy and "the right hand man." he embodies the machinations of activity by which one carries out their works.  With the minister one always enjoys good counsel, loyalty and service.

The General - he is the Great Warrior general who pledges eternal loyalty, and defends what is rightfully yours.  With the General you can realize your expansion visions and feel safe that no one can take what is rightfully yours.

The Magic Wheel - It gives you the advantage of wisdom and time.  With the wheel, you will find that your timing is on your side.  You will say the right thing at the right time and make the right decision at the right time.  Obstacles can be averted, and wishes can be fulfilled.

The Elephant gives you the vehicle and authority to achieve your goals.  No presence is more fabulous than the elephant.

Wish-fulfilling Jewel - This is the secret jewel that fulfills all that is desired.  It is depicted with emanating flames that melt away all difficulties in life.

Windhorse (Steed of Fortune) - The precious horse gives you speed in all your endeavors, especially for success.  Its stamina is endless, carrying a flaming jewel on its back.

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