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12326 - Gift Of Gold - Ru Yi (18K Gold)

12326 - Gift Of Gold - Ru Yi (18K Gold)

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In the Chinese culture, wearing gold jewelry is believed to bring lots of good luck. And when the item includes auspicious symbols in the design, then the luck is multiplied. Wear an auspicious symbol in 18K gold to maximize your good fortune. These specially crafted gifts in gold make excellent presents of love and care.

The Ru Yi is a symbol of authority used by the court magistrates of ancient times. Wearing a Ru Yi is believed to bring authority and promotion luck to those who wish to enhance their careers. For those in managerial positions or who aspire to be promoted to higher positions of authority, wearing the Ru Yi in 18K gold is a simple yet effective Feng Shui amulet to wear.

18K Gold weight is 2.5 Grams = 0.09 Ounce

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