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11951 - Incense Kemenyen with ingredient (20 Pieces)

11951 - Incense Kemenyen with ingredient (20 Pieces)

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The incense offering ritual uses the fire and air elements to clear away stagnant energy in a home and to appease hungry local spirits and "landlords" that could disturb the peace in your home and bring obstacles, especially during months when the afflicted flying stars enter your home. It is also highly recommended to be performed before you move into a new home or office space. This fragrant blend of kemenyen incense was developed for its sweet aroma and designed to release pure white smoke for as long as 30 minutes to an hour. Its special formula of ingredients includes herbs from the mountain that are said to be incredibly effective in making the spirits happy when they smell its smoke!

Light up this incense on an incense burner (sold separately) and walk around your house in a clockwise direction while chanting Namah sarva tathagatha avalokite om sambhara sambhara hung 21 times. Burn this about twice a week, and you will find that quarrelsome obstacles seem to go away gently.

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