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SNAKE - Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2024

SNAKE - Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2024

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For the Snake, 2024 is a year to focus on preserving what you have. You experience a weakening of element luck, which you should take steps to correct. The Illness Star in your sector suggests you need health amulets. However, your intrinsic element of Fire puts you at an advantage heading into Period 9. Lift your inner essence by wearing the color red. Boost productivity and success at work with the 9-Eyed Dzi. This year, the Snake needs the help of friends and allies, so put more effort into nurturing your relationships.

In this book, discover how, in 2024, you can:

  • Make the most of your intrinsic Fire energy
  • Harness your astrological relationship with the Dragon
  • Preserve what you have and attract new wealth
  • Safeguard yourself from illness & disease
  • Suppress the Yin House to raise your productivity
  • Maximize the possibilities that come with the new Period 9
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