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ROOSTER - Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2024

ROOSTER - Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2024

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The Rooster is in for a mixed year, where there will be notable successes but also setbacks. The key to achieving success is not to allow temporary obstacles to cause you to give up. This is a Dragon year, your secret astrological friend. It is also the first year of Period 9, the Period of the Phoenix, and the Rooster is believed to be the earthly manifestation of this heavenly bird. Learn to harness the unique energies of this Dragon year to maximize success, protect your health, and invite in new wealth.

In this book, discover how, in 2024, you can:

  • Capitalize on the energy shifts that lie ahead
  • Build strongly on your exceptional Life Force & Spirit Essence
  • Form beneficial new alliances
  • Boost romance, love, and family luck
  • Remedy the Five Yellow to dissolve misfortune energies
  • Maximize opportunities brought by the new Period of 9
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