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6903 - Double 9 Plaque

6903 - Double 9 Plaque

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For long-lasting longevity and good fortune

As we enter Period 9 on Feb 4th, 2024, the energies shift, and the number 9 becomes extremely powerful, attracting prosperity and long-lasting good fortune. There is nothing more auspicious to mark this change of Period than activating the Double 9 stars, which fly into either the facing or sitting palace of your home depending on the facing orientation of your home.

This Double 9 Plaque features cranes, symbolizing aspiration, transformation, longevity and immortality.

The number 9 is pronounced “Jiu” in Chinese, whose sound means long-lasting fortune and maximum level of happiness. On the back of this plaque is a mirror with the wish-fulfilling mantra to attract an abundance of good fortune into one’s life.   

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