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6840 - Nine Dragons Carpet In Bright Red (M) (48" x 31")

6840 - Nine Dragons Carpet In Bright Red (M) (48" x 31")

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To activate for long-lasting good fortune 

This carpet with 9 Dragons in bright vermillion red ushers wealth, prosperity, and precious Yang energy into the home. Dragons are the ultimate symbol of success, power, courage, and charisma, and there is nothing better than to invite new Dragons into one’s home in any new year, especially in a new Dragon Year.

In 2024, the Dragon energy of the year needs strengthening, and there is no better way than with Dragon images. The star in the center of the year’s chart is the Quarrelsome #3 Star, which brings conflict energies that can seriously harm relationships. This red carpet makes a beautiful Feng Shui cure against that affliction.

This carpet comes in two sizes; the bigger size can activate and remedy Big Tai Chi, while the smaller size is ideal for activating Small Tai Chi. 

Place in the CENTER part of your home in 2024. 

Display in the SOUTHEAST in 2023.

The carpet will be folded, and you may find creases on the carpet when you receive it. Over time and with regular use on the floor, the carpet creases should come out naturally.

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