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15126 - GARUDA BIRD FOR GOOD HEALTH - 5 Inches Height

15126 - GARUDA BIRD FOR GOOD HEALTH - 5 Inches Height

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The mythical bird GARUDA is one of the four protectors of the secondary directions. He protects against the kind of spirit harm that causes illness, calamity, and terminal illness. The Garuda Bird also protects against harm brought by the illness #2 star. Place it in the location where the #2 is located in the center of the house in 2025, AND Southeast in 2024. The Golden Garuda can also be placed by your entrance to keep harmful people with bad intentions away. This powerful protector is also excellent to be placed near an ill person.

The Garuda also protects the home against people with bad intentions. Place it in the South to protect against the kind of misfortune that is generated by listening to the wrong people or listening to the wrong advice. It leads you towards those who genuinely have your interests at heart.

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